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How do participate in a Style Lynk Photo Shoot?

At Style Lynk, our mission is to help you build your brand, reach more potential clients, and make more money.  One way we do that is with Style Lynk Photo Shoots.  Below are a few frequently asked questions:

Who can participate in Style Lynk photo shoots?

Style Lynk Photo Shoots are available to listed and non-listed hair/fashion/ beauty professionals – but Style Lynk members get shoot discounts and extra perks!

Where will the images be featured?  How can I use my images?

Images from our photo shoots can be used featured in the gallery on your listings, or on your business or personal websites, or on social media.  If selected, your images may also be featured in 1 or more of the Style Lynk Main Styles Galleries and Style Lynk Magazine!  *Note: to use images for commercial product marketing sales or branding, you must contact Style Lynk directly.

Are the the photo shoots free for Style Lynk members?

No.  As previously mentioned, the photo shoots are not free, but are discounted for Style Lynk members.

Does participating in the photo shoots guarantee that my images will appear or be featured in the Style Lynk Main Styles Galleries or Magazine?

No.  While participants aren’t “competing” against one another to have their work featured in the style galleries or in the magazine, each participant should strive to present their best work.  In addition, while the Style Lynk photo shoots provide the opportunity for you to produce great images that will help you build your brand, every style may not be suitable for Gallery or Magazine publication.  The the final decision for Gallery and Magazine acceptance rest with our editorial team, so when doing the photo shoots, be sure to bring your “A” game!

Ready to register?

To view upcoming photo shoot dates and register for the next shoot nearest you, visit the Artist’s Lounge.

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