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Getting Paid (Regular Payouts)

Style Lynk partners with STRIPE so you can get paid fast!

When you join Style Lynk, you are prompted to complete your payment details to make sure you get paid.  If you did not complete your banking set-up or need to update your banking information, please do this FIRST to make sure you receive your payouts.  IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THIS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PAYMENTS.

To access your Stripe dashboard, click on the  “WALLET” tab on your dashboard. This page will give you an overview of your recent transactions and payouts.  From this page, you can Set up, edit or disconnect your connection to Stripe.

To SET UP your banking info, click the Connect To Stripe” button and complete your baking info.

To EDIT  or UPDATE your banking information, click on the button that says  or “View Stripe Dashboard“. 

If you need to change Stripe accounts, simply disconnect the old account,
then connect the new account using the directions above. 
To disconnect your Stripe account, click the “Disconnect” button and click “Save”.
Note: as long as your Stripe account is disconnected, you will not be able to
 receive payouts for
ANY sales or bookings done on

From your Stripe dashboard, you can:

  • view customer transactions (payments, refunds)
  • view your earnings
  • view payout amounts
  • view payout history


More about Stripe: Our Payment Processing Partner

Whether you create a new Stripe account or utilize an existing one, all transactions & payments thru your listings on Style Lynk are processed directly through Stripe.  Style Lynk does not handle any payment processing issues. Any queries about payment processing issues have to be done directly with Stripe.

Funds Availability

The first payout for every new Stripe account is typically paid out 7 to 14 days after the first successful payment is received. For listed partners outside of the United States, the waiting period can be as little as 3 days for European countries, and up to 30 days in countries such as Brazil.  This initial payout timing requirement cannot be waived.

Funds are automatically deposited into your connected bank account and are typically available within 1-2 business days.  See the schedule below:**

  • Funds from transactions that are made by 3 p.m. UTC  will be available in your connected account the following business day.
  • Funds from transactions made AFTER 3 p.m. UTC will be available in your connected account within 2 business days.
  • Funds from transactions that are made by 3 p.m. UTC on Friday will be available in your connected account the following Monday.
  • Funds from transactions that are made AFTER 3 p.m. on Friday will be available in your connected account the following Tuesday.
  • .Funds from transactions that are made  the day before a holiday will be available in your connected account the next business day following the holiday.

— **Funds = transactions less payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30. 
— A  1% + $0.25 transfer applies to all payouts.

If you do not receive your funds according to the schedule above:

  • This might be related to account verification. Please check both your Stripe Dashboard Verifications area or your  email to see if Stripe requested additional information from you to complete this process.

  • This might be related to bank processing time. Banks can add extra days, including weekends and holidays. Once the bank has finished processing your payout, they will deposit the funds into your account automatically.

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