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About Us

Style Lynk:
The Bartenders of Hair,
Fashion, & Beauty

For more than two decades, our founders have been like the bartenders to the hair and beauty industry, located on the border between consumers and hair,  beauty & fashion professionals.

We’ve heard consumers asking for a better way to find and review fashion & beauty professionals that they could patronize on a regular basis and not just on special occasions.

While there are other listing sites that provide bookkeeping & salon management tools, the thing we heard professionals asking about most was how they could reach more customers, build their portfolio and better market themselves to make more money.

As the times have shifted from searching magazines to searching on the internet,  many hair, fashion, &  beauty professionals have taken to using social media as a means of advertising their services, leaving consumers to dig thru oceans of random posts about what somebody in New Jersey had for breakfast before they can ever see what a service provider really has to offer.   

And thus, Style was created,  linking professionals to consumers, giving consumers the styles and access to the beauty & fashion providers they want, while giving the pro’s a place to showcase their work  and get more clients.  

When hair, beauty & fashion professionals want to get found by more clients and want to showcase their work, we wanted them to think of  And when consumers think about looking for style images, fashion & beauty products, or need to locate a professional in their area, we wanted them to think of  Our ultimate goal: to be the Google of everything hair, beauty and fashion for the consumer and the professional. 

And we’re just getting started.